OSTRIM® Meat Sticks

We love our customers. That’s why we’re transparent about our products. If you have questions, please see below for answers. Or contact us and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible. 

What is an OSTRIM meat stick?

A. An OSTRIM meat stick is a high-protein, low-fat snack. Unlike other beef stick and jerky brands on the market, we combine 100% Grass-Fed beef with pasture-raised ostrich and elk— red meats that are incredibly tasty and both lower in fat and cholesterol than skinless chicken—to create the leanest meat snacks you’ll find anywhere. We also offer premium chicken and turkey snack sticks. Enjoy OSTRIM meat sticks pre- or post-workouts, in between meals, at work, or as a quick convenient on-the-go snack.  

Do OSTRIM meat sticks contain any artificial flavors?

A. No. OSTRIM meat sticks are 100% all natural and don't contain any artificial flavors.  

What does OSTRIM stand for?

A. OSTRIM was born at a family-owned ostrich farm in Greensburg, PA. We wanted to create a healthier and leaner alternative to beef jerky. Since we started in 1996, we’ve been dedicated to providing the leanest beef, chicken, and turkey sticks possible.  

Where do I find Nutritional Facts for OSTRIM sticks?

A. The Nutritional Facts can be found on each product page. We also use a Beef Collagen casing on all of our Snack Sticks.

Q. How much protein do OSTRIM meat sticks contain?

A. Every OSTRIM meat stick contains anywhere from 11.5-14 grams of lean protein per serving—the most you’ll find anywhere.  

Q. Are your products gluten free?

A. Yes. All of our OSTRIM meat sticks are gluten free except our Teriyaki flavors.  

Q. Do any OSTRIM products contain MSG?

A. No. All of our products are made with no added monosodium glutamate (MSG).

Q. What is the shelf life of OSTRIM meat sticks?

A. The shelf life of our meat sticks is 12 months from the date they are made.  

Q. Why is ostrich meat used in your beef and ostrich meat sticks?

A. The naturally-raised (no antibiotics or stimulants) ostrich meat in OSTRIM beef and ostrich sticks is one of nature's best sources of high-protein, low-fat meat. OSTRIM is a USDA inspected health and wellness food that tastes great. In fact, many top athletes, nutritionists, personal trainers and dietitians recommend OSTRIM as a natural source of low-fat meat protein.  

Q. How does ostrich compare nutritionally with other meats?

A. Ostrich compares very favorably nutritionally with other meats as shown on the following Nutritional Value Comparison chart. **

Q. Why is protein so important to overall health and wellness?

A. Proteins are the building block of the body. They are directly responsible for the health and maintenance of strong lean muscle, blood, skin, hair and internal organs. Our body feeds on protein through-out the day, especially after exercise. When a protein rich food like OSTRIM is eaten, the protein is broken down by the liver and made into amino acids, which helps fuel muscles, organs and the immune system.

Q. How convenient is OSTRIM?

A. OSTRIM Meat Sticks are ready-to-eat, with no refrigeration or preparation necessary. OSTRIM's special vacuum packaging exceeds the ordinary packaging of other sports nutrition products, thus locking in nutrition, freshness and flavor. Virtually no air is able to penetrate to deteriorate the quality of the food. 

Q. Why is OSTRIM so low in carbohydrates?

A. OSTRIM is scientifically formulated to be near-zero carbohydrates and sugar free. This allows a person following one of the popular high-protein, low-carb diets to eat OSTRIM Meat Sticks and to be more selective regarding his or her carbohydrate sources.

Q. How high is the sodium level in OSTRIM?

A. OSTRIM has less than half the sodium of most other dry-shelf meat sticks. It contains only the minimum amount required for dry-shelf stability. The sodium has been balanced with the potassium to eliminate excess
water retention and to help boost energy.

Q. When will my order ship?

A. Orders are generally shipped on the following business day via USPS or UPS.

Q. Where can I buy OSTRIM meat sticks?

A. OSTRIM meat sticks are available at grocery stores, gyms, and independent shops nationwide. To find OSTRIM products near you, check out our list of OSTRIM retailers.

Q. My local stores don’t carry OSTRIM products. What should I do?

A. You can ask to speak to the Grocery Manager where you shop and tell them you’d love to see OSTRIM on their shelf or you can direct them to our Wholesale Registration page.

Q. How will OSTRIM Meat Sticks generate incremental sales and profits?

A. OSTRIM Meat Sticks attract anyone looking for snacks that offer taste, nutrition, and convenience. This includes the serious athlete, physical fitness enthusiast, high-protein dieter or anyone who is constantly "on the go" - from kids and soccer moms to weekend warriors and executives. Once consumers try OSTRIM Meat Sticks, they will purchase them over and over again, because they are available in popular flavors, convenient, portable and taste great!



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