Grass-Fed & Naturally Raised for Health and Performance.

Since 1996 OSTRIM® is an All-American favorite, traditionally raised premium Meat Stick line. We are dedicated our customers and our passion is providing the best tasting highest-quality meat snacks high-in protein, low in calories, carbs, and fat. OSTRIM® is made with only USA premium lean cuts of meat cooked slow and low to perfection and perfectly seasoned. OSTRIM® is the #1 Sports and Health Better-For-You Meat Sticks.   

The OSTRIM® Meat Sticks journey started with Logan Dickerson a prominent and successful Cattleman, Breeder and Ostrich farmer at Lindwood Farms in Greensburg PA. Lindwood Farms home to multiple farming businesses including charolais cattle to premier stallions and standardbred horse breeding. Lindwood was also a national leader and producer of premium ostrich meats for fine dining restaurants. Logan enjoyed how his Premium Ostrich highly nutritious steaks and ground meats made a positive impact and change in the culinary and cuisine fine dinning space. In his pursuit to make Ostrich available for all to enjoy its healthy nutritional benefits.

Logan started Protos Foods Inc and teamed up with former professional bodybuilder and nutrition expert Mr. USA and Mr World David Hawk and Olympic Gold Medalist and WWE Superstar Kurt Angle. Together they developed and pioneered a first-to-market convenient high-protein tender and delicious (non-greasy) OSTRIM® meat snack stick line. OSTRIM® quickly grew and is the premier gold standard high-protein meat sticks for performance athletes, dietitians and the active family lifestyle.

USA Premium Real Meat Protein Nutrition

For over a quarter century OSTRIM® has been enjoyed by millions of customers along with our US Military service men and woman globally. OSTRIM® is the Gold Standard of 100% USA Premium Grass-fed Beef, Ostrich, Elk, Turkey and Chicken Meat Snack Sticks. OSTRIM® is all natural, environmentally friendly and sustainable. Its non-GMO, has no antibiotic or hormones and is not a lab grown meat substitutes. OSTRIM® is USDA Certified and Inspected for wholesomeness.

OSTRIM Daily. Enjoyed by Millions

OSTRIM® curbs your hunger and provides clean natural food fuel for energy and protein for recovery. They are also a good source of natural antioxidants and omega-3 for health, wellness and performance.

Protos Foods and the OSTRIM® Brand is committed to excellence, delivering delicious and convenient snacking nutrition for young and old alike.