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The 1990’s: A Bad Time for Healthy Snacks

In the mid 1990’s, you only had two choices if you wanted a high protein grab-and-go snack—eat a protein bar that tasted like chalk or buy some packaged jerky from the nearest gas station made from who knows what. We knew there had to be a better way.

Enter Two Local Ostrich Farmers

As it turns out, Logan and Ann Dickerson just so happened to have a successful ostrich farm in Greensburg, PA. They wanted to find a way to make ostrich and other exotic meats like elk, which are a lot higher in protein and lower in fat than a skinless chicken breast, available for people looking for healthier snack options.

That’s when Logan started working with food scientists from North Carolina State University to create a high-quality and great tasting meat stick for competitive athletes.

#1 Sports Nutrition Meat Snack

Logan and Ann went on to launch OSTRIM in 1996 with Beef and Ostrich meat sticks featuring savory flavors including Teriyaki, Pepper, Natural, and BBQ.

Shortly thereafter they landed GNC as their first national retailer.

Now 20+ years later, OSTRIM continues to be the #1 Sports Nutrition Meat Snack on the market and you can find our products across the country at gyms, grocery stores, and independent shops.


Our first line of products was OSTRIM Beef and Ostrich Meat Sticks, designed for people who are serious about their nutrition. This line is made from a combination of lean beef and pasture-raised ostrich meat. We also continue to use the very best 100% USDA certified all-natural beef and pasture-raised chicken and turkey around.

Our vision is to continuously feature healthy snacks that offer the absolute best in Nutrition, Flavor, Convenience, and Quality!